Stockholm Kendo Open 2017

This year we had over 90 players from 24 dojos in 7 countries and the competition was again a joint arrangement between FSKA, Kibo Dojo and Wäsby Kendo.

Due to somewhat low numbers in the juniors’ class we decided to run that class as a round robin where everyone fights everyone else.

We also updated the format of the team shiai slightly. Basically: Winner stays on. If there is hikiwake both go out unless they are both taisho whereupon there will be encho. If one team is out of players the other team wins.

We also aggregated the Fighting spirit to include all individual classes and awarded to players.

See this link for full results

We also had time for open ji-geiko on both Saturday and Sunday which is a proper luxury.

The official dinner was held on Lilla Asien which is the first pit stop of parched kendokas.


Photo: Theodor Pramer


Our distinguished shinpan: Mats Wahlqvist Renshi 7 dan, Donatella Castelli Kyoshi 7 dan, Miyasaka Masayuki Kyoshi 7 dan, Kurihara Masakazu Kyoshi 8 dan, Imamura Akinori 5 dan, Markus Frey Kyoshi 7 dan, Sato Kumi 7 dan.



Photo: Theodor Pramer

The champions of SKO 2017 Team shiai “Team Lille” from France: Jean-Philippe Jourdan, Léopold Degrugilier, Jean Carpentier

SWISH betalningar för svenska deltagare

Vid incheckningen på lördag så accepterar och föredrar vi betalningar med SWISH.

Det går även att betala registreringsavgiften vid godkänd gradering med SWISH.

Stockholm Kendo Open 2016

Total 83 participants and 20 teams.

News from this year was that in the team competition the winner stayed on; e.g. one single player could defeat the whole opposing team.

Good fun.



Gold 75 L. Söderström
Silver 32 M. Gulinao
Bronze 18 E. Tunemalm
Bronze 76 L. Lahoundere
Fighting Spirit: TBA


Gold 31 A. Gdeczyk
Silver 26 M. Skiftesvik
Bronze 50 L. Balla
Bronze 10 C. OMara
Fighting Spirit:


Gold 51 D. Wiman
Silver 49 J. Stenbom
Bronze 33 E. Klasén
Bronze 53 B. Löwgren
Fighting Spirit: 15 P. Fredriksson

1-2 Dan

Gold 12 S. Strandell
Silver 68 L. Muhl
Bronze 72 M. Berkesten
Bronze 63 M. Strandh
Fighting Spirit: TBA


Gold 79 G. Guiterrez-Aranda
Silver 1 N. Björkegård
Bronze 60 J. Yamazaki
Bronze 29 C. Halla
Fighting Spirit: Karl Bjuhr


Gold Sick Basterds (J. Håhl J. Yamazaki R. Watanabe)
Silver Victoria (C. OMara J. Stenbom T. OMara)
Bronze Poland (K. Yearwood A. Gdeczyk R. Jaśtak)
Fighting Spirit: Karl Bjuhr









SKO 2017 Application form open!

Please submit you application to take part in Stockholm Kendo Open 2017 by completing the form found on

The form will be available until 12 AM October 9, 2017

SKO 2017 Dan Examination form available

We’ve now published the examination application form!

Please find it at the Examination page and also note that application deadline is September 24 2017.

Honorable senseis to join Stockholm Kendo Open 2017

Referees for the tournaments and examinators of the shinsa will be:

Kurihara Masakazu, Kyoshi 8-dan, Japan

Miyasaka Masayuki, Kyoshi 7-dan, Finland

Mats Wahlqvist, Renshi 7 -dan, Sweden

Markus Frey, Kyoshi 7-dan, Finland

Donatella Castelli, Kyoshi 7-dan, Italy

Sato Kumi, 7-dan, Sweden

1 to 5 dan exam on SKO 2017

We are happy to announce that there will be an exam for 1 thru 5-dan this year.

We quite recently managed to gain assistance from distinguished senseis to make this possible.

We are working to publish the the application form a s a p.

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