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Examination topics
1 dan: Men Kirikaeshi, Jitsugi x 2, Nippon Kendo Kata 1-5
2 dan: Men Kirikaeshi, Jitsugi x 2, Nippon Kendo Kata 1-7
3 dan: Men Kirikaeshi, Jitsugi x 2, Nippon Kendo Kata 1-10

All applicants
All applicants must fill in and submit the application form.
Swedish 1-dan applicants must bring 2 copies of a portrait photo of themselves.
Foreign 1-dan applicants should submit their photos to their national federation after passed exam.
2-3 dan applicants must bring their EKF yellow cards.
Application deadline: 2019-09-15 12:00

Application for foreign nationals
All foreign nationals shall bring a signed permit from the president of your nations Kendo Federation to take the exam.

Application fee must be paid in advance, no later than the 7th of September, please mark the payment with: SKO exam, name, intended grade (example: SKO exam, John Smith, 2 dan).

For swedish applicants:
Sätt in betalningen på PG 445224-9, Föreningen Stockholms Kendo Allians.

For foreign applicants:
Transfer money to
Account holder: Föreningen Stockholms Kendo Allians
Bank: Nordea
IBAN: SE57 9500 0099 6042 0445 2249
Registration fee is to be paid after passing the exam, only Swedish currency is accepted. No change will be provided, please bring correct amount.

GradeApplication feeRegistration fee
1 dan150 SEK200 SEK
2 dan200 SEK300 SEK
3 dan300 SEK500 SEK

Direct all inquieries to Christian Strandberg

Stockholm Kendo Open. 11-12 October 2014